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Anthony Baxter anthony at
Thu Aug 23 07:55:45 CEST 2001

>>> "George Garnett" wrote
> I suggest looking on-line for computer
> magazine articles rather than relying on user's opinions (including myself).

How are "computer magazine articles" any more relevant than user opinions.

At least with user opinions you're hopefully going to get someone who's
used the technology, and isn't just regurgitating someone else's press 

> specific market niche just like java. However, I've seen many companies go
> belly up and I wonder about jpython. How can they compete with an upcoming
> powerhouse like JSP in the long term? 

You seem to have some wierd idea that
a) jython (not jpython) is driven by some wierd commercial success need 
where it must control all and destroy all competition. 
b) it's created by a company. It's _open_ _source_. There's no company
to go belly up.

> By the way, for all you python people out there, I did read 'thinking in
> java' by Eckel and about 1/4 of a book on jpython (ok, so I borrowed the
> book). I've read about 25 books on java an its related languages so far. I
> guess I was just turned off by its C language like low level programming
> syntax. I prefer java's low level syntax instead (again, not that I'm biased
> in any way!).

?? Python's got a C language like syntax, compared to Java? What _are_ 
you on? That you needed to read 25 books on Java would also suggest, 
to me, part of the problem with Java, C++ and the like - they're just 
too damn complex.

Rather than reading "1/4 of a book on jpython", why not try reading 
something on python - for instance, the excellent on line "Dive Into 
Python" text at Jython is just Python, implemented
on top of the JVM. Jython and Java are complementary languages, in the
same way that CPython and C are complementary. If MS's .NET succeeds, well,
then, Python.NET will still be there, and will run on top of the .NET VM.
And it's still Python.

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