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:I am a student learning python on my own, coming from a C++ backgroud.
: I am working on a simple project, a simulation of fish, as a way to
:gain experience using python.  I am looking for a simple graphics lib
:that will allow me to display objects- like circles or squares to
:represent the objects I am coding.  Is anyone aware of a lib that will
:allow me to do this.  When learning C++ I used the CMU Graphics Lib
:which worked great.  Let me know if anyone has any ideas.
:Thank You

For something along the lines of the CMU Graphics package, try this:

Look in your 
folder for the module.
Run it.
Then look at the code.

Let us know if you have any questions.

You might also want to check out the Python Tutor list.

Good luck,

Sheila King

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