Tim & Guido in the top 10

Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Fri Aug 24 22:47:10 CEST 2001

[Skip Montanaro]
> Just happened to be on the sourceforge.net home page and noticed
> that Tim & Guido are the fifth and ninth ranked users, respectively.
> I don't know quite what that means

Sounds like two off-by-4 errors to me <wink>.

> or how they distill everything down to one  number (ah, I see, other
> users rate them),

Although different users' "votes" are given different weights, depending on
how other users ranked *them*.  So get a group of 6 friends together and
give each other top rankings.  Since this is a very lightly used gimmick
(e.g., my page says 16 people ranked me, out of 238,509 registered users),
the SF developers may well have voted themselves into the top slots forever,
simply by virtue of all *using* this system.

> but I assume it's a good thing.

Indeed yes:  salaries at Zope Corporation are determined by multiplying the
reciprocal of each employee's SF Site Ranking by a magic constant.  Via
optimization analysis, I then determined it was a net win to sign up for the
SourceForge Site Ranking Payroll Deduction Program, by means of which my
score is artificially boosted so long as I keep current with convenient
bi-weekly payments.

> The rest of the PythonLabs team are in the hunt as well: Barry at #17,
> Fred at #21, and Jeremy at #22.  Overall, Python is the fourth most
> active project on sourceforge.net.

Heh -- just *try* to find a definition for "active".  Last time someone did,
it turned up a floating-point error in their formula <wink>.

> So I figure I'll go rate the gang.  Under Follow-Through/Reliability,
> the choices are: None, Politician, Firefighter, Robot.  Is there any
> question?> ;-)

Not if the category were Emotional Warmth, no.

then-let's-vote-to-make-each-other-gods-ly y'rs  - tim

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