Another two examples of using changing classes

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Mon Aug 13 23:32:35 CEST 2001

Terry Reedy wrote:
>A third way is to have a 'connected' variable and make every function
>conditional on the state variable.  Changing class is much cleaner.

Perhaps similar to this post from guido at in 1992?

] Suppose we have a class whose objects have some kind of state which
] modifies the meaning of one or more methods. Traditionally this is
] done by changing a flag which is tested by the affected methods.

] A variant would require that an instance's __class__ attribute be
] writeable [...] In fact the mere possibility of this makes me
] doubt the read-only-ness of __class__ (or __bases__, for that matter).


(Ahh, behold the power of Google to dreg up old words. :)

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