know if someone ping me

Markus Schaber markus at
Thu Aug 23 11:14:28 CEST 2001


noprianto <opennopri at> schrub:

> How do i know if someone ping my system ?

Oh, well, "ping" in what sense?

- CIMP echo request message?
- ARP "ping" (address request)?
- IRC Ping?
- UDP Echo Message (port 7)?
- TCP  faked package "ping" (provokes a reset)?
- TCP Keepalive Messages?

or something else I don't remember?

And what has this to do with python?

And why do you want to know?

1) Customers cause problems.
2) Marketing is trying to create more customers.
3) Marketing is evil.  (Grand Edwards in comp.lang.python)

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