SWIG'ed interface undefined symbol errors

Joe Cotellese joecotellese at spamcop.net
Wed Aug 29 11:16:40 CEST 2001

Hello all,

I'm trying to add a SWIG interface to the ID3lib library. I'm new to SWIG 
and python extensions.  

I created the interface file for the classes I wish to expose and have 
sucessfully compiled the resultant .cpp files into the ID3library. Now, I'm 
trying to import the library into the interpreter. When I import the 
library python chokes with an ImportError. Apparently, it's trying to 
resolve a function named uncompress.  I dug into the id3lib source code. 
and found that uncompress is a zlib function. It looks like zlib is 
dynamically linked to id3lib. 

My question is why can't the interpreter resolve the uncompress function by 
loading zlib? Do I need to statically link zlib to the id3 library?

Thanks in advance.

Joe Cotellese.

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