A survey of Python IDEs

Paul Prescod paulp at ActiveState.com
Wed Aug 22 22:45:38 CEST 2001

Alan Green wrote:
> All of these IDEs have a debugger. None support multi-threaded
> debugging :-(, although the VisualPython documentation threatens to.

Multithreaded debugging is an issue but a much bigger issue for most
Python programmers is debugging of GUIs in arbitrary GUI toolkits. The
IDEs that use in-process debugging typically cannot do this. Or
sometimes they work and sometimes they don't and you just have to cross
yoru fingers and hope. Those debuggers also tend to have nasty problems
with respect to reloading modules consistently when they change. IMO,
your summary is much too shallow to address the real issues that make an
IDE useful for a programmer or not.
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