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Thu Aug 2 15:35:38 CEST 2001

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> Martijn Faassen wrote:
> >
> > I've found this module somewhere linked from the Vaults of Parnassus,
> > but then my browser crashed and I can't find the link anymore. Did it
> > disappear from the vaults? The web page had a bunch of other interesting
> > modules I wanted to check out. The URL had /psu at the end, I believe,
> > it's not in my browser history, probably due to the crash.. The code
> > seems to be something for Python 3k.
> > def grok(text):
> >     # remember the time when we called this function
> >     call_time = time.time()
> >
> [...]
> >     # otherwise, we want to time travel back to the moment in time
> >     # just before (one second) we called the function, and try again
> >     return timetravel.apply_at_time(grok, [text], {}, call_time - 1)
> Ha!  More evidence that Python is one of the most optimizable
> languages ever.  Eventually we'll be able to use this construct
> to execute many operations instantly, rather than just in
> parallel, resulting in O(n/n) behavior for all NP-complete
> algorithms (and O(n/inf) for the incomplete ones).
> And to think that this all began with the recent experiments
> into Python-based quantum computing that the PSU h

Is it true the Big Bang actually just represented the first freeing of the
global interpreter lock?

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