Hacking in python

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Thu Aug 16 14:31:40 CEST 2001

Markus Schaber wrote:
> Peter Hansen <peter at engcorp.com> schrub:
> >> Does any 1 know any thing about hacking in python
> >
> > There are no Python hackers (using your definition) in
> > this newsgroup.  I guess you'll have to look elsewhere.
> Assuming "in" means "using python", and "hacking" means "doing illegal
> things" (which is not the original and intended meaning of this term)
> then I hope there are none.

Those were the OP's definitions, and I agree with you.
I was trying gently to dissuade him from bothering...
we don't need that kind of participation "in Python". :)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at engcorp.com

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