Python on riscos

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Fri Aug 24 21:06:57 CEST 2001

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> In article <89d9e2ac4a%tim at>,
>    Tim Howarth <tim at> wrote:
> > How big/difficult would it be to port Tk using the toolbox modules ?
> Looking at WIMPY, which is included in the Python Riscos site, there is a
> note that says:
> "This is a Python module which interfaces with the RISC OS wimp." Is this
> the same sort of thing?

I looked at

Do you mean the library mentioned on that page? It's quite neat and
small, and appears to support most or all of the features of my
library, plus some that I haven't approached. Some of the techniques
used are similar to those I used, but that's not surprising given the
aims of both libraries.

One of the strengths of Tk is, I believe, the widgets that come with
it. doesn't appear to have any such high level objects as it
stands, so you'd probably have to write some before you could consider
using it in the same way as you would use Tk. The same is true of my

Of course, there may already be some nice widgets for use with
that I don't know about. Has anyone done anything extensive with it?


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