Emacs? VIM!

Tim Hammerquist tim at vegeta.ath.cx
Fri Aug 10 13:01:30 CEST 2001

Me parece que Andrei Kulakov <sill at optonline.net> dijo:
> Adam 'Vonlia' Seyfarth <adam.seyfarth at home.com> wrote:
[ snippage ]
> > The "Text Editor Support for Python" idea sounds cool, I want anyone
> > that edits Python code to have a resource that will show if there is a
> > Python environment for their editor of choice.  As for the URL for
> > Vim+Python, What I was talking about is builtin if it is Python code.  I
> > am currently working on a Vim script that will do just as much as
> > Emacs's python mode, but where are the specs for it?  I can't parse
> > Emacs Lisp, and I don't use Emacs, so is there a URL for the specs?
> > 
> > Sorry, again!
> If you finish that script, please post it here.. I for one would love to have
> something like that.

Ditto for moi.  =)

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