simple example of mimelib? and embedding (not attaching) images in email sent with python.

Stephen shriek at
Fri Aug 17 08:52:52 CEST 2001

Markus wrote: 

>> the actual message as opposed to having them attached.  This way, they
>> display when the recipient views the message.  Just how does one
>> compose a message like that with Python may I ask?
>As far as I know, those image _are_ attached. But the body of the 
>message is html, and contains an img-tag that references the attachment.
>May be you can get a raw look on the source of such a message to 
>further introspect this.

I checked this on Eudora and you're right.  Eudora detaches the image
and places it in a folder called "Embedded" and then uses an IMG tag 
<IMG SRC="file://.... Eudora\Embedded">

Note that this is different from the usual place Eudora would store
attachments so there has to be some way this is noted in MIME.

Roman Suzi <rnd at> wrote :

> I just wonder if Outlook way to embed is standard or just application
> dependent.

I've been doing some testing and it's supported by Outlook and by Eudora
on Windows platform. But then things get screwy when you link to online 
images. Let's say you have the following HTML email.

 <i>Dear Boss</i>,
 This is our <b>bold</b> new logo. Hope you like it.
 <img src="">
 Love Steve

Then Microsoft Outlook will send it as is and you'll receive the exact
same HTML as above. But Outlook Express will actually include the image
and send it as an 'embedded' image as described previously.


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