CGI: Run Script then load page

Kannan Vijayan kav062 at
Sun Aug 5 22:13:18 CEST 2001

bob at (Lang) wrote in message news:<9e231a88.0108042041.27368f6d at>...
> Any cgi/web person out there,
> I wrote a couple cgi scripts that I use to manage a database.  When I
> send changes through a form, it calls a script that makes the database
> commit.  Once it is done with the commit, it prints out a return
> button (that's all that shows up on the page) which needs to be pushed
> to return to the main page.  How do I call the script, run the commit,
> and then return to a given URL as one step instead of two?
> I think that this is pretty basic, but I can't find an answer. 
> Thanks.
> -Lang

This is more of an HTML/HTTP question.  You can do it using a HTTP
Redirect header, or HTML Refresh tag.

I've never used them, so you'll have to check a reference manual or
consult a more relavent forum for more info.


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