Deposing Dictators

Frank "Sticky Shift" Lomax lomax at
Fri Aug 3 09:45:39 CEST 2001

    > Give the guy a break, Carl.  Frank may not be the swiftest coder
    > around, but it's really not unusual for newcomers to take as
    > long as 3 weeks to reach the 100 Kline/day Python median.
Thank you Uncle Timmy, for being so understanding.  This is what I
have come to love about the Python community.

As you surmise, I have been coding Forth at the Cheez Whiz factory for
about 35 years.  I was lead designer of the WEINOR 59 (Whiz Extruder
and Injector, Numerically Operated Robot) and only just discovered
Python a few months ago, after a dare from Melvin X, an employee of
mine who is the Primary Cheez Canal De-gunker and Tube Washer.  Melvin
is a very bright kid, but even so, I was quite skeptical until he
boosted our Whiz Canister Thruput seven fold after converting the
prime Cheez pump control software from Forth to Python in a (very
productive, and crackerful) weekend.

    > If Frank is *very* new at Python (which it sounds like), he'll
    > see a big improvement when he breaks himself of the habit of
    > reaching for his curly-brace keys all the time.

Those are not the only curly things I reach for when I program Python.

    out-ly y'rs - frank

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