Urllib/httplib and cookies

Andrew Markebo flognat at flognat.myip.org
Thu Aug 9 23:44:22 CEST 2001

Nobody into doing a browser-class that can take care of this :-) Sort
of, just fire up a browser send it an url, and it takes care of
cookie-handling and so on??

I am trying to merge together the functionality of my two supreme++
http-classes now, and also looking at trying to do a browser-class,
but the inspiration is unfortunetaly a little low at the
moment.. Mostly because I only get feedback from myself.. 


/ cjc26 at nospam.cornell.edu (Cliff Crawford) wrote:
| * Lad <printers at sendme.cz> menulis:
| | Hi Doug,
| | Thank you for your email.
| | What I need is to automate posting to web sites such as mail.yahoo.com
| | (to check email AUTOMATICALY)  that use cookies to sign-in. In Perl I
| | can do it very easily. Is it possible to do it in Python as well?
| It's possible, but you have to do it yourself (urllib doesn't handle
| cookies for you AFAIK).  First you have to get the headers from the
| file-like object that urlopen() returns:


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