arrays of tkinter buttons

Karthik Gurumurthy karthikg at
Thu Aug 23 09:17:11 CEST 2001

am also new in the python world but hope this helps:
say for array of 3 buttons.

titles = ['Submit','Open','Cancel']
buttons = []
for title in titles:
	buttons.append(Button(parent,text= title,command=<some function/method

as long as the command is associated with the same function/method callback
object it s'd be fine.


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Is there a way to make an array of tkinter buttons? In visual basic you can
do this cool there where you can have an array of buttons, and you can have
them all call the same function, but have one of its arguments be
the index of the button clicked in the array.

Does python even have normal arrays, or do you have to use lists?

How could i create an array of several buttons? Would I need to use a loop?

Thanks a lot for any help people!


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