Python Windows installer: good news!

Tim Peters at
Wed Aug 1 09:04:11 CEST 2001

> Wise Solutions generously offered PythonLabs use of their
> InstallerMaster 8.1 system.  ...

[David Bolen]
> BTW, I took the last post with a comment that this was coming to
> decrease the need to investigate Inno - although I did find that ISX
> (the extended version) could handle the unknowns in the iss you posted
> about through its scripting option, but figured there's no need to
> fight against a commercial (and close to what was already in use)
> package like Wise with their offer.

Wise 8.1 is working out beautifully, and (a) my native interest in Windows
installation technology is undetectable (i.e., a "spare time fun project"
for me this isn't), while (b) it's not a religious issue to me either way.

I liked Inno a lot, and steered Fred Drake toward using it for his recent
Windows release of the Expat project:

For simple installs, it's hard to imagine an easier approach -- have
Notepad, will install <wink>.

The Python installer is more complex in several ways, though, and it's time
for me to move on.  Note that I did check in a functional Inno Python
installer, in PCbuild/python.iss (under CVS), and I'd be delighted to see
interested parties in the community finish the conditional registry-fiddling
parts.  I keep hearing that's how Open Source works <0.9 wink>.

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