New Type in Extension Module Not Accessing PyNumberMethods???

doug doug_bartholomew99 at
Thu Aug 9 09:50:34 CEST 2001

doug_bartholomew99 at (doug) wrote in message news:<e71960c5.0108081842.19435ff at>...
> im trying to write a python extension type which i am basically
> modeling on xxmodule.c that comes with the source.  however, for the
> life of me, i cannot get the numeric operations to work (just simple
> addition and subtraction here) and i cannot see what im doing wrong. 
> Isnt the following what one has to do to get numeric operations???

ok, i solved the problem here.  it took me a while but i finally
stumbled upon PEP 208 and the Py_TPFLAGS_CHECKTYPES flag.  Thanks a
million to Marc-André Lemburg and Neil Schemenauer for this
improvement to python.


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