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>Graham Ashton wrote:
>>If you made the client and server talk to each other via something like
>>XML-RPC then you could even put your daemon on a different machine if you
>>wanted, allowing clients to connect over the network and farm jobs out to
>>a server.
>Right, this is just a wire protocol albeit with a simpler interface than 
>Corba/COM etc.  But you still need to hook into the GUI's event loop to 
>handle events.  You can't just block and wait for a response, the GUI 
>still needs to respond to events.

While generally true, you're missing Graham's point in this particular
case.  The idea that I think he's suggesting is that the GUI user will
have to explicitly request a job status.  On the server side, sending an
initial job setup or requesting job status is a lightweight operation.
If the GUI is not intended to be robust, I think it's not reasonable for
the GUI to hang while waiting for a response.
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