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Deep0258 <deep0258 at> schrub:

Your mother must have had a bad day when she gave you the name 
"Deep0258" :-)

> I am just wondering, since I am now joining python and it's greatness,
> why don't the developers of Python make Python just as fast(if not
> faster) than the older, more low-level lanquage. Yes, there are
> advantages using the interpreter style programs, but isn't there a way
> to incorporate the speed of compiled programs with the debugging and
> clearness of Interpreter to make Python a much faster lanquage. There
> might be a way, but I'm pretty new so I don't know. Any answers, thank
> you for listening?

The fact that python ist byte-code interpreted could be changed 
relatively easy, a code object could contain machine code instead. This 
would speed up some of the executions, but the much bigger slowdown is 
the fact that the language is totally dynamic.

Every variable and attribute access performs  a lookup through 
dictionaries, and this can't easily be changed without changing the 
language entirely.

The problem is, when you type a=y.z(x) then you don't even know whether 
a, x, y and y.z exist at compile time, not talking about such 
"unimportant" information as the type and if z is callable etc.

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