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>> Hi,
>> given the recent burst of new features in Python I do wonder
>> what happend to those that are missing from Python for a
>> long while now? I'm listing here only these:
>>   - interfaces
>>   - class methods
>>   - type indicators (opt.)
>> Being aware of the class/type unification announced for
>> before Python 3000, I'm not listing this one above.
>Class methods are part of Python 2.2 alpha, which you can
>download and try out.  Regarding typing issues, Guido very
>recently mentioned that the types SIG is active for a few
>weeks a year, mostly spent recalling where they were last
>time, so, while eventually optional declarations may be
>slated to appear, it may be best not to hold one's breath
>while waiting.
>On interfaces, see:
>regarding syntax issues -- status is draft, and Python
>version is said to be 2.2;
>regarding 'protocol adaptation' -- same status and
>I have no idea exactly what that 'version' means in
>the PEP's -- e.g., iterators (PEP 234), which emerge
>with Python 2.2, are described in the PEP as having
>Python version of 2.1.

Thanks, Alex! Now let's pass this on to Michel, then...

Hi Michel,

I've been reading your PEP 245 now and this fits very
much what I'd expect Python interfaces to look like.
What is the state of the art with it? 

The Wiki supposed to discuss this is pretty inactive 
isn't it? And what is the relationship to PEP 246 for 
which I have not seen any place to discuss it?



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