Not installing interpreter on local machine

David Bolen db3l at
Tue Aug 7 06:51:11 CEST 2001

shezafd at (Daphna Shezaf) writes:

> > The only piece that I've had trouble doing this way is win32com
> > support since it does some strange things with its module definitions
> > (using the local registry) and has some dependency on some core DLLs
> > being in the system directory.  Or at least I haven't figured out how
> > to cleanly avoid that yet.
> Thanks, it seems to be working the way I want.
> Did you try using other win32.. stuff? I'd like to have some message
> boxes using win32ui, for example, and it doesn't seem to work.

Hmm - what sort of error or problem did you get?  I probably haven't
tried using win32ui (I use wxPython for our GUI stuff), but I know I've
used most of the non-GUI portions of win32all ok.

Ah wait, I might know - you want to make sure that the win32 package
directories are part of your Python path, even when your network
Python installation might not be by default.  Normally the win32all
package gets things added to sys.path via (again - ugh) some local
registry changes, which you don't have when running across the

But you can cover this with a .pth file in the root of your network
Python installation.  I just call mine "python.pth" and among some
site-specific stuff also have the lines:


in it to cover the win32 pieces.  I think you'd also want to include
the line:


to include the win32ui stuff.

Sorry about that - I think I forgot about that step (having set it up
a while back).

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