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Markus Schaber markus at
Sun Aug 12 15:27:40 CEST 2001


François Pinard <pinard at> schrub:

>> After some time working with Python I noticed that I use "-s and '-s
>> according to the following rule: I use "" quotes when I specify value
>> MANUALLY. That is, in most cases.  On the other hand, I use '' where
>> quotes are generated automatically. This is consistent with repr(),
>> which gives ''.
> Observing myself, I noticed that I use "..." for text meant to be
> displayed and read by a human, and '...' for more internal,
> programmatic strings. It works well for me, to the point I turned this
> into a personal style rule.

I just use "..." for strings and '...' chars (Strings containing one 
char - this comes from Java where Chars can be given this way), and """ 
for multi-line strings or strings containing " or '. I never used '''s 
up to now.

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