wxPython Or Tkinter Advise PLEASEEEEEEEEE

Alexander V. Voinov avv at quasar.ipa.nw.ru
Tue Aug 14 19:33:47 CEST 2001

Hi All,

Chris Barker wrote:

> Clive Page wrote:
> > >> "Why the hell hasn't wxPython become the standard GUI for Python yet?"
> > >>
> > >> -- Eric S. Raymond
> >
> > I think it's because it's so darned difficult to build and install.
> This is really kind of a chicken-egg problem. Many of the advantages
> that people have stated about TK essentially boil down to the fact that
> it is the "standard" GUI for Python: It comes with the main Python
> library, it is introduced in all the books, etc.

Yes, the Windows installer should provide a special "icon" to give the user an
option to install wxPython instead of Tkinter. But for this the user must pay
by having two more icons, say for Tix widget set and togl for PyOpenGL.


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