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On Mon, 6 Aug 2001, Alex Martelli wrote:


>Right, but, again, you can easily wrap the socket module to
>control what happens -- put your own wrapper in a directory
>on the ok_path, make sure it's also in sys.modules['socket']
>so that trusted Python-coded networking modules that may
>be called from untrusted code will also use your wrapper when
>connecting sockets, and there you are.
>rexec is something of a 'sandbox construction toolkit' (together
>with Bastion) rather than a finished piece of work -- probably
>because there isn't much current interest in controlled execution
>of untrusted Python code, so rexec didn't (I think) mature much
>after work on Grail more or less stopped.

I've heard Mozilla will have Python applets. How will it
rexec them?

>But there are surely
>other interesting applications for sandboxes for untrusted code,
>so it may be time to design and implement a rexec2 successor,
>building upon rexec to add easier customization of security
>(controlled imports of non-builtin modules too, connections
>only to hosts on a trusted list, whatever...).

That is what Java's Security Manager (sp?) does. This can
probably be explained by Python's usage areas. Python is
not used in applets extensively (if at all).

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