How to use python to automate installation of non-python programs?

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Thu Aug 2 01:42:27 CEST 2001

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Bela Evans <bevans at> wrote:
>Let's say you have to install some program on a number of machines
>(pcs and macs) - msoffice, adobe acrobat reader, norton antivirus,
>etc.  It's easy enough to have a python script start an install
>program, but does python have any interface to allow you to
>automatically run through an install program?
>What I'm thinking would be needed is a kind of keyboard and mouse
>entry macro recorder.  For example, on 1st screen of install program,
>press enter, 2nd screen, click on customize button, etc.  The python
>script would need to focus attention on the install program window and
>send keystrokes and mouse clicks to it.  Anyone have experience with
>this?  Any pointers to which modules I should look at?  Or is there a
>better way to run through install programs?
>Thanks for any suggestions or ideas on what I should be looking at...

Excellent question!

But the only answer I know is a depressing one.  Install
programs seem to be particularly backward in their script-
ability (although uninstalls might be worse).  Perhaps
things have improved in the last few years; all it should
take is minimal COM exposure.  I would think the install
vendors would want such for their *own* testing.  I've
rarely penetrated their armor, though.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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