weird COM behavior, sets arguments to Null

Jeff Shannon jeff at
Thu Aug 9 20:14:30 CEST 2001

dsavitsk wrote:

> I made a COM server that is a wrapper to the bsddb.  (this is unimportant,
> however, as i have seen this behavior from other objects as well.)  if i
> pass a single argument to the server everything is fine, if i pass more than
> one, python resets them all to null values.
> for example, vb code

[ trimming code]

> 'add/update an item
> odb.set_item(key, value)
> 'key now is null.
> ------------------------

Are you sure that this is a Python problem and not a VB problem?  I haven't
noticed this in any of my Python COM code...

Try writing an equivalent client in Python, and see if it has the same behavior.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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