Question about indentation and bugs

Skip Montanaro skip at
Sun Aug 26 15:53:41 CEST 2001

    >> It's when you treat a TAB character as something other than 8 spaces
    >> that mixing spaces and TABs becomes a problem.

    Bengt> You don't literally mean that '\t' becomes ' '*8 ??

No, I meant a TAB in the first column or Emacs's tab-width setting of 8.  I
erred in exposition, not intent. ;-) I've never encountered a situation in
my code at least where a line would begin with spaces then a TAB.  Since I
use python-mode to edit my code, indent-tabs-mode is always nil in my code
anyway (four-space py-indent-offset != tab-width).

Skip Montanaro (skip at

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