ANN: updated port of Python 2.1.1 to OS/2+EMX

Andrew MacIntyre andymac at
Sun Aug 12 14:54:29 CEST 2001

I have uploaded an updated port of Python 2.1.1 to the incoming
directories of the Hobbes ( and LEO
( OS/2 software archives.

The update contains the following changes:-
- os.spawnv() and os.spawnve() use the native EMX routines rather than
  emulate them with fork();
- pythonpm.exe is now a real PM app with behaviour somewhat akin to the
  pythonw.exe in the Windows distribution.

The distributed archives are: (binary installation package, 3.0MB) (source patches and makefiles, 106kB)

For those who already have the 010805 distribution, you only need to get (250kB)

Note that the update archive has not been uploaded to Hobbes or LEO.  It
is available at, along with the above
archives are if you can't find them at Hobbes or LEO.

OS/2 users enjoy!

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