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On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Rainer Deyke wrote:

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> > Let me underscore this once, and put it in the terms I think of it in:
> > with these changes, you will be introducing the worst design error of C++
> > into Python.  Indeed, the _central_ problem with C++ is that it always
> > prefers efficiency over dynamism, even in its so-called "high level"
> > features.
> I strongly disagree here.  Quite aside from the efficiency issue, C++'s lack
> of dynamism is a feature, not a bug.  (This does not change the fact that
> C++ is an unholy mess.)  Such a feature would not be appropriate for Python,
> however.

Perhaps I should have put it differently -- the central design error of
C++ *as a high level language*.  (The design failures as a low-level
language are quite discrete, of course.)  Python is certainly not and will
never be suitable for low-level, let alone "systems" programming, so yes,
such a feature is inappropriate.

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