Suggestions for simple persistance in a web app?

Steve Holden sholden at
Sun Aug 26 18:35:58 CEST 2001

You should look at Gadflt, but at present it causes warnings on recent
Python distributions because it uses an outdated regular expression package.
Nobody's offered to rewrite it yet ... but it's a very good lightweight pure
Python SQL database.


"Kevin Dahlhausen" <kdahlhaus at> wrote in message
news:283adf56.0108241955.4e18b07e at
> I'm getting ready to experiment with Webware.  I'd like to use a
> simple database or somewhat efficient persistant store as I'll be
> using the CGI-one shot version of webware and don't want to also have
> to load a complete database into memory.  So, mysql, postgress, and
> such are too heavy. I'll be lucky to find a way to run Webware on an
> isp's site anyway.  Are there any alternative database libraries for
> python out there?  SQL's ok, python objects to disk in some rational
> way would work too, if I could load them without pulling every object
> into memory first.  Thanks

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