Experiences converting Python to C++

phil hunt philh at comuno.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Aug 19 21:57:53 CEST 2001

On 17 Aug 2001 05:52:30 -0700, Henrik Ekelund <henrik_ekelund at yahoo.com> wrote:
>We have to convert a large system (10000 lines) written in Python to
>C++. Does anybody have experience with doing an actual conversion of a
>working Python prototype to C++? We will probably have to offer the
>work at a fixed price, so how many hours does it take to convert X
>lines of Python code to C++? Are there any pitfalls?

If you are manually translating the code, I'd estimate tha 1 line
of Python is about 5 lines of C++. Therefore you should estimate whatever 
length of time it takes to write 50,000 lines of C++.

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