Problems creating an app with the McMillan installer

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Fri Aug 3 22:49:24 CEST 2001

[posted and mailed]

Don Dwiggins wrote: 

> I have a little wxPython script that I want to package as an .exe. 
> I've tried both py2exe and McMillan's installer, and was defeated both
> times. 
> This message is about my experience with the McMillan installer, v. 4a2
> (with ActiveState Python  I've included quite a bit of the
> gory details, hoping that something may point to the problem.

And indeed it does. I screwed up in building the zip.

Copy the "" from projects/test/COMclient/test_Standalone/ to 
support. The one in currently support only works with older versions of
Python. In my Python 2.1 testing, I realized that the directory win32com
(which I create to hold gen_py) has to be another level deep, else my
import hack doesn't get used. So I fixed it, but forgot to copy up to
the support folder.

- Gordon

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