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Mon Aug 27 18:11:39 CEST 2001

In article <200108271445.f7REjT7k007185 at smtp5.andrew.cmu.edu>, Brian E Gallew wrote:
> Then <200108271401.f7RE1P67003979 at smtp6.andrew.cmu.edu>, Brian E Gallew wrote: spoke up and said:
>> The os.spawnv() function is simpler to use:
>>   for tar_file in tar_file_list:
>>       os.spawnv(os.P_WAIT,"/bin/tar",("xzvf",tar_file))
>> I haven't tested this, so I'm sure there's a typo somewhere...
> Yes, os.spawnv() is easier to use, but it's only available on Windows.

I use it under Linux.

> os.fork() is only available on Unix.  This restriction is noted
> in the 1.5.2 documentation (which I'm still using).

Yikes, that was 3+ releases ago!  2.0 came out almost a year
ago, don't you spend every Friday updating your Python
installation? :)

I didn't realize we were discussing 1.5.2.  I assume people are
using a fairly recent version unless they specify otherwise.
Under 2.1, spawnv is available for Unix. I don't remember if it
was in 2.0.

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