Hello people. I have some questions

Jeff Shannon jeff at ccvcorp.com
Wed Aug 29 20:52:56 CEST 2001

jeroen paul goudsmit wrote:

> Thank you all so much. I'll just go to www.python.org to download it all.
> (my pc is:   os - Windows ME (it sucks!)
>                   processor - AMD duron 800 mhz (sucks too)
>                   RAM - 128 (getting 128 extra next saturday...)
> I'm 14 years old and program only form the fun.

Heh.  Well, I'm 32, program partially as a hobby and partially
professionally, and your computer is faster than any of the PC's I have
regular access to, excepting our servers here at work.  Neither I nor my
company can afford to upgrade every year or two...    so don't worry too much
about your PC's quality.  Now, your OS on the other hand...  <wink>  (fwiw, I
do primarily use Windows, but generally prefer Win98se to WinME...)

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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