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:[Alex Martelli]
:> Hmmm, there definitely seems to have been some major recent
:> restructuring of and all of its mirrors -- I
:> can't find anywhere either.
:When got rehosted about a month ago, a decision was made to drop
:the old contrib directories.  They hadn't been maintained or updated in a
:couple of years, and huge steaming mounds of the content appeared to have
:become irrelevant (or worse) in the interim.  Most of the few things of real
:value are better gotten elsewhere now (e.g., John Skaller's Interscript has
:a home on SourceForge now; doctest is now in the std library; and so on).
:Unfortunately, there are at least a few cool packages that lived only there,
:like Jurjen's N.E. Bos's amazingly compact implementation of the
:constructive reals.  Nothing I can do about that, but if some group from the
:community would like to sift through all of it and provide a new home for
:the parts worth salvaging, I bet we could talk Guido into handing over an
:archive tarball.

I stumbled across this not too long ago when I was looking for
something - I don't remember the context any longer.  Seems like we
need a new repository for useful little bits of code, bigger than
"recipes" at ActiveState, but smaller than full SourceForge projects.
Parnassus isn't a repository, it just provides the links (the thing I
was looking for I had tried to get "from" the Vaults). Apparently the
problem on was that stuff got put there, and then there
was no maintenance on the directory so there was a whole bunch of
obsolete stuff.

I'd like to volunteer to help, but I have pathetic connectivity
(barely-working dialup line that chugs along at 21k most of the time)
so I can't provide storage.

Mats Wichmann

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