win32com: Setting ByRef parameters in an event

Paul Moore paul.moore at
Thu Aug 16 17:05:19 CEST 2001

I never got any response to this. I could really do with knowing whether this
is possible. Can anyone help? Mark?


On Tue, 24 Jul 2001 15:24:01 +0200, Paul Moore <paul.moore at>

>I'm trying to do some event handling code using win32com. I'm using a
>component called WScriptEx as my test case, which has a Sleep method which
>fires a regular OnTick event. The IDL for the OnTick event is
>        HRESULT OnTick(
>                        [in] VARIANT RemainingTime, 
>                        [in, out] VARIANT* WakeUp);
>The WakeUp parameter should be set if the event code wants to stop the sleep
>at this point. I've tried this, and it works fine in VBScript:
>    Set WScriptEx = WScript.CreateObject("WshToolbox.WScriptEx", "WScriptEx_")
>    ' Sleep for 10 seconds, raising an OnTick event every 1 second
>    WScriptEx.Sleep 10000, 1000
>    Sub WScriptEx_OnTick (ByVal Remaining, ByRef Wakeup)
>        WScript.Echo "Tick.... " & Remaining
>        Wakeup = True ' Wake the sleep up
>    End Sub
>Now, based on a post from Mark Hammond ("Re: Handling Com Events in Python
>(was Python and Windows Scripting Host)" from Fri, 11 Aug 2000) I can do this
>by just returning the necessary value:
>    import win32com.client
>    class wexEvents:
>        def OnTick(self, Remaining, WakeUp):
>            print "Tick...", Remaining
>            return -1
>    wex = win32com.client.DispatchWithEvents("WshToolbox.WScriptEx",
>                                             wexEvents)
>    wex.Sleep(10000,1000)
>But this doesn't seem to work! The thing just keeps ticking remorselessly
>until the 10 seconds are up. (And, BTW, if I hit Ctrl-C, I get an error
>"Unhandled exception detected before entering Python." - shouldn't I get a
>KeybordInterrupt error?)
>Am I doing something wrong? Is there a subtle bug here?
>Any help would be appreciated - this sort of construct is important to me, and
>I'd hate to be reduced to VBScript or (shudder...) Perl.

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