Python Books

LeoDeBeo leodebeo at
Thu Aug 23 13:10:46 CEST 2001

Relfx wrote:

> I was wandering if anyone here read the few books that are out there for
> python. Lately the only set of books i have seen that give alot of info
> are the O'Reilly editions such Learning and Programming with python.
>     Are these books the best to have considering I'm still moving up the
> ladder of programming? Also are there going to more publications to
> support python programming?
i have both books from O'Reilly and they are quite ok, allthough i think 
for beginners, 'Learning Python' touches some quite complicated matters 
early on , as they apparently have C and C++ background (eg, argument 
passing, the authors do that for concisenes and completeness, and that's ok 
if you somehow know already some programming concepts). if you don't 
immediately understand some concepts, try some programming and eventually 
you will.
anyway i'd recommend those books with 4 to 5 stars on the Amazon-site
with some library reference book (or online reference), they're the only 
books you need.

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