Python runs fine interactively but 'locks up' with scripts

mallum breakfast at
Thu Aug 30 17:24:16 CEST 2001

Hi all;

I recently build Python 2.1.1 against uClibc for a low specced ( 16mg ram,
200mhz ) ARM cpu Linux box .

Python runs fine interactively, I can import modules and run simple
scripts ok. However when I try a launch a python script ( such as one
of the tests in the distrubution ), Python just 'locks up', not even
recieving a control-c . The box is still alive and appears to have
memory still available ( ~ 5 mb ). 

I've tried running with -v and python is indeed importing modules etc,
but then it just stops and not on any particular module. 

Any one have any ideas on why this is happening ? Or can anyone
suggest any avenues of investigation ? 

Many thanks;


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