optional args for getopt()

bvdpoel at uniserve.com bvdpoel at uniserve.com
Fri Aug 24 01:48:23 CEST 2001

Richard Jones wrote:
> On Thursday 23 August 2001 12:59, bvdpoel at uniserve.com wrote:
> > Is there a way to signal that the arg for getopt in optional. In C I can
> > set an option string to something like:
> Sorry, to answer this question directly - I don't believe it's possible in
> the current getopt code. Your best bet would possibly be to locally change
> getopt to do qhat you need (and at the same time, generate a patch that can
> be submitted to python.sf.net).
>    Richard

Thanks. I really was hoping NOT to have to reinvent the wheel. For now
I'll just leave well enough alone and do my own parsing.... but if any
maintainers are reading this, it would be nice to have GNU compatibility
in this.

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