exec* exiting?

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Tue Aug 21 10:10:43 CEST 2001

"Neil Macneale" <mac4-devnull at theory.org> wrote in message
news:3b81b260$0$323$8eec23a at newsreader.tycho.net...
> Alex Martelli <aleaxit at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > That's mainly because we rarely have to deal with people as
> > arrogant as to insult what they clearly don't understand.  When
> > you're as rude as to spew insults without understanding, then
> > condescension is the least you can expect, in any social milieu.
> And I rarely have to deal with head cases like you, in cyber space or
> the real world.  There is nothing sacred about unix.  I can think
> whatever I like about it. Your views are clear, and thank your for them.

Are they clear to YOU?  I wonder.  You do happen to know my
current skills and recent experience are mostly on Windows
systems, my background on VMS and IBM mainframe OS's at least
as much as on Unix, for example?

My views is that one should either know what one is speaking
about, or be reasonably humble and courteous (preferably both,
but that's too hard to accomplish in most cases, so either
one or the other will do:-).  Insulting what one clearly doesn't
understand (remember, you called os.exec* "lame" while completely
*forgetting* that an exec* is normally meant to be called after a
fork!) clearly shows that one needs some sharp reminder to
enhance one's wakefulness and attention.

> I have no time for people egos, so I am going ignore anything else
> you bother posting to this thread.

If you do have ample time for the totally unprofitable pursuit
of spewing insults at things you don't understand, you have
ample time for anything else.  I suggest skateboarding -- who
knows, some exhibition of hubris in that realm might also show
you exactly why the very use of the word 'lame' as a generic
insult, while alas all too common, is also insensitive and
degrading to people who have problems walking...


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