Deposing Dictators

Frank "Finger Fart" Lomax lomax at
Thu Aug 2 22:33:25 CEST 2001

    > No way.  I've given "print>>blotch,horror" a try as fair as the
    > fact that it curls my blood allows, and I still detest it just
    > as much as when I first saw it.  So what?  I'm not gonna fork
    > Python over this, obviously -- Python still gives me by far
    > enough value to pay for the extra dental work needed by all the
    > teeth-gnashing that the detested "print>>tippedoverchevron"
    > causes me, though I do plan to send Guido the dentist's bill,
    > obviously.

Ah cool, he'll weight that against the savings from my physical
therapist bill which he's been paying since before print>> was added
to the language.  Considering that I write 10k-50k lines of Python a
day, they might just cancel each other out!

just-wait-for-the-print<<-pep-ly y'rs, - frank

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