unix 'mtio' mag tape interface?

George Young gry at ll.mit.edu
Wed Aug 29 16:30:04 CEST 2001

[python 2.1]
Has anyone taken a crack at a unix/linux (scsi) magnetic tape
control/status interface
for python?  I'm specifically interested in Solaris 7 and Linux 2.2.18
but any
*nix would be a starting point.  I'm putting together a dump system in
python, and
I'm getting very weary of parsing the output of popen('mt -f
/dev/nst0'), the format
of which varies a lot between systems.  

Failing anything code to steal, what's the cleanest way to take a C
header file
for the mtio ioctl's and produce a neat python interface?  Performance
is completely
irrelevant, just ease of development, and clarity and portability of the

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