How to make IIS support python?

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Fri Aug 31 22:20:12 CEST 2001

"Formalin" <formalin14 at> writes:

> How to Config?

If you install the Win32 extensions (available either automatically
with the ActiveState install or as a separate package from the
ActiveState site), then Python will automatically be registered as a
valid scripting language on the system, and can be used directly in
ASP pages without any special additional configuration from IIS.

Just enable Python as the language in your ASP and you're set, e.g.:

    <%@ Language=Python %>

       (write Python code here)

The standard IIS ASP objects (Request, Response, etc..) are available
for use according to their object model, just as with VBScript.

You can also go the CGI route as has been pointed out in this thread,
but I've found the ASP model convenient as long as I'm not worried
about my web presentation code being portable outside of IIS.

Also, this method means that in most cases unhandled exceptions in
your script generate nicely formatted output to the web client
including the exception information which I've found convenient during
debugging or for quick 'n dirty scripts.

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