How can i install python-mode in a emacs-editor ?

martin zohlhuber ma-zoXXXXX at
Mon Aug 27 10:20:06 CEST 2001

I have SUSE 7.1 whith emacs version 20......
I have some troubles to insert the python-mode into emacs.
I download a file (python-mode.el) and compile it.

Then i get troubles: When i make M-x python-mode RET, emacs write no
I am seeking python-mode.elc and that is ok. What is false ?

Last week i made a new install of SUSE. Before i install i had also want
insert the python-mode, (i got .emacs and python-mode.elc from a frind)
I get follow  errormassage, if i write M-x python-mode RET: Unexpected
End of File during parsing
M-x c-mode works correct.

Can somebody help me ???

What must i do, that i have a colored programming editor for python
under linux ?

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