Python Poll

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Aug 2 06:59:11 CEST 2001

Emmanuel Jeandel wrote:
> I wonder whether s.o has some statistics about : What is python used for?
(That's the strangest abbreviation I've ever seen.  Good thing you
used it twice or I'd never have known it means "someone".  You
should probably just write it out in full if you want to be 
understood ... this is _not_ a common short form.)

> I would suggest :
> i. Scripts (Bash-like)
> ii. Web (CGI Scripts/ Zope)
> iii. Teaching
> iv. Numerics
> v. Small apps
> vi. Bigger ones

Hmm... mark me down for all of the above, except iii.  

(Unless you mean using Python to teach Python, rather than 
to teach programming, in which case I do all the above...)

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