Zope is Evil is back.

Gillou nospam at bigfoot.com
Wed Aug 1 19:40:37 CEST 2001

Zope is not Evil neither the ultimate solution.

We use Zope for content management solutions and it fits (nearly) perfectly
with our needs.
It's a good development system for those who want do simple things. On the
other hand, it drives to headaches for some problems I can manage easily
with some cgi.
I have learned essential of python in less than 2 days when I worked nearly
one month with Zope to have the enlightenment (going beyond basic DTML
obects and folders, really understanding Zope acquisition).
There are still lots of things I don't understand in Zope after 4 months.
I still can't understand how to debug DTML.

What's missing:

- The ability to mix easily Python and DTML in one object like PHP or JSP
(actually you must make a python method when 2 lines or more are required).
- A real IDE on an heavy client (big applet ?) with a REAL text editor.
Heavy working sessions on ZMI.
- An easier Security manager. The Security tab of objects offer a messy list
of permission, and the association of permission with applicable type of
objects is not obvious.
- A real and easy user session manager.
- Less "heavy" constructs for basic stuffs. In example, you create a local
variable in DTML object with <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('myvar', myvalue)"> and
of course, putting others than string or numeric constants in "myvalue" is
something not trivial.
- REAL python scripts to avoid a messy Extensions folder. Actually, you
can't use essential packages like "re" to control form's fields, and you
can't create classes or functions in these scripts.
- A console ZODB management tool.
- and above all, a REAL documentation for those who are not already Zope
aware. In example, I found the way to pass an argument to a DTML method in
an "How-To" when this essential information should be in a guide.

Hopefully, we got in France an excellent book by Pierre-Julien Grizel since
first week of July that helped a lot.

Anyway there is no better open source solution than Zope for content
management oriented sites.

I'm actually trying to understand the CMF to make a workflow/document
management solution for a customer and I still can't see where to start.

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> Hi all,
> due to popular demand, I've reinstated my "Zope Is Evil", a.k.a.
> "Zope as a particularly frustrating section of adventure", page at
> http://zope-is-evil-666.idyll.org/
> Enjoy!
> cheers,
> --titus
> PS if you can't take a joke, or, on the other hand, think it's completely
> joke, this page is not for you.
> --
> Titus Brown, titus at caltech.edu

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