Nested generators is the python equivalent of unix pipe cmds.

Tim Hochberg tim.hochberg at
Fri Aug 3 16:22:16 CEST 2001

"Steven D. Majewski" <sdm7g at Virginia.EDU> wrote in message>

[Much cool generator stuff deleted]

# This is MUCH nicer than using os.path.walk() with a callback!
> ##  print the first 20 gif files I can find in your cwd...
> for f in Count(Test( Files('.'), isGif ), 20 ): print f

Very cool!

Although I do think it would be easier to read if the order of the test and
the generator was reversed:

for f in Count(20, Test(isGif,  Files('.'))): print f

I may just have a weak mind, but on the first version, I lost track of who
the 20 belonged to by the time I got to the end.


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