Python 2.x on Debian stable

Carl Fink carlf at
Thu Aug 2 19:06:10 CEST 2001

I asked about this on the debian-user mailing list and got no answers
at all, not a good sign, but:  has anyone installed Python 2.1 or
later on a Potato system?  There are no .deb files that I can locate
to do so.

I've installed quite a bit of software outside the Debian packaging
system, but I'm leery of fiddling with Python because dpkg/apt *uses*
Python, and if 2.1 breaks dpkg I'm screwed.  So I'm wondering if
anyone has actual experience and pointers?


Oh, please answer to the newsgroup, not by email.  That way the
answers remain here for Google to retain for others.
Carl Fink		carlf at

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