IRC Client : Where to begin

Relfx relfx at
Wed Aug 22 23:16:49 CEST 2001

Dear Python Community,

                                         I would like for someone to help me
a little with my irc client project. People have told me a few times that I
should try studying up on using sockets, asynchat and asynchronous module. I
have done some looking into all of these. The one thing that bothers me is
where should I begin? I have tried reaching other irc client owners but that
proved to be a loss. this is why I would really appreciate it if someone
would be nice enough to help understand what all is need for the connection
to the various irc servers and the implementation of the irc commands.

   Also I would like to know what is the difference between a GUI and
Console interface? Which would be better for a irc client?

   It is becoming more and more apparent that the use of python within irc
is fading do to the fact that there isn't a client that can run in windows
98- 2000. And I would like to bring some light to this by creating a irc
client with the help of as many people as it takes.

   I saw in a book I read a few days ago a python script that was separated
in different parts using comments. Is this a good idea?
Can I actually make just one .py file that will have everything needed to
run the new client? Or will I have to separate each script into different
.py files? For example if I do need to make separate files should it look
something like this?

1) : this script will contain all information for connecting to
the various server for irc.
2) : This is script will contain all information for making the Gui
for the client.
3) : This will contain all of the irc commmands need to function
4) : This file i'm not so sure what this should contain. But I
would like for this to the file that lets you interact with irc by allowing
you to use python as the main scripting language. Also if possible include
the gui for the script editor as well.

   From all the information I mentioned above is it possible for me to start
building? If I have missed anything please feel free to inform me. Also let
me hear your views on this and if you would like to help me in this
contribution to the open source community.

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